4-H -Related Sites

  • 4H Sheep Project
    Introduction and discussion of the benefits of participating in a 4-H market lamb project.
  • Club Ed
    A resource for Texas 4-H club officers and club managers to gather ideas, management information, ceremonies, inspirations, program ideas, and other great club resources.
  • Hormel Judging Card Tabulator
    Input official placement and cuts. This program calculates livestock judging scores using the Hormel system of scoring.
  • Texas 4-H
    Information on State RoundUp, Scholarships, projects, publications, volunteers and other 4-H – related items of interest.
  • Texas 4-H Center
    Information on camps, leadership labs and other events hosted at the Texas 4-H Center in Brownwood.
  • Texas 4H Entomology Learning tool
    Excellent images/photos of arthropods appearing on the 4-H study list of arthropods for Texas. In addition to the images, the site also contains links to several videos dealing with collecting and preserving insects.
  • Texas 4-H Friends & Alumni Association
    Newsletter, events, membership and other information related to the 4-H Friends & Alumni Association of Texas.
  • Southwest District 10
    Home page for West Region 4-H Program (Extension Districts 6,7, & 10). Information on 4-H council, calendar, volunteer leaders, and resources.

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