Farm & Ranch


    A website for an easy-to-use statistical program – designed specifically for ag. agents and producers. The program analyzes demonstrations and simple applied research trials.
  • Blueprint and Housing Equipment Plans
    Colorado State University Cooperative Extension site which provides blueprint & housing equipment plans for pens, buildings, equipment, etc.
  • Building Better Rural Places
    A directory of Federal programs for sustainable agriculture, forestry, conservation and community development.
  • Conversions & Formulas
    Useful conversion factors & formulas from Aquatics Unlimited (for calculating volume, weight, Area, Flow rate, etc.).
  • Farm Service Agency
    Agency website with links to federal programs involving conservation, disaster assistance, price supports, etc.
  • Grazing Animal Nutrition Lab
    Texas A&M lab which serves livestock producers, managers, veterinarians, and ranch consultants. It can analyze animal fecal samples to help a reliable means of implementing a nutritional monitoring program.
  • Reading Brands
    Link from Cowboy which discusses the basics of reading brands.
  • Reducing Risk in Management Decision Making
    TEXNAT site which discusses reducing risk in grazing and range management decisions.
  • Reference Guide for Texas Ranchers
    Reference guide by Dr. Allan McGinty, Texas Cooperative Extension Range Specialist, which contains information on common conversions, livestock husbandry, grazing management, and more.
  • Texas A&M Real Estate Center
    News, publications, data, software and more related to real estate interests (land & home).
  • Texas Department of Agriculture
    Get information on pesticide applicator program, animal identification system, animal health and more.
  • The National Organic Program
    Organic production and handling requirements from USDA.
  • TX A&M Soil, Water, and Forage Testing Lab
    The lab provides research based analysis and non-bias recommendations for agronomic and non-agronomic soil analysis, plant tissue analysis, forage nutritive analysis, and non-drinking water analysis.
  • USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service
    The National Agricultural Statistics Service provides timely, accurate, and useful statistics in service to U.S. agriculture (crops, livestock).

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