Fun, Learning & Activities For Children

  • 4-H Parliamentary Procedure
    Site from University of Illinois Extension which provides booklets, handouts, games, activities as resources for learning parliamentary procedure.
  • 4-H Virtual Farms
    Visit this Virtual Farm and discover why farming is part of your life even if you’ve never lived on a farm, seen crops grow, or touched a cow.
  • 4-H Virtual Forest
    Virginia Cooperative Extension site which offers fun learning opportunities in: human impact on the ecosystem, renewable resources, photosynthesis, tree identification, succession, and more.
  • Ag & Kids In North Carolina
    North Carolina Department of Agriculture site with cool activities to learn about agriculture. Includes coloring books, commodity quizzes, food facts, healthy snacks, how to read food labels & more.
  • Bug Hunter
    A Texas A&M Guide for Collecting, Preserving and Displaying Insects and Other Arthopods.
  • Equine Science 4 kids
    Online classroom features games & interactive activities for children of all ages.
  • Flowers, Plants, and Gardening: For Kids!
    Kid-friendly website devoted to introduce kids to useful resources about all things related to plants (photosynthesis and cells, to gardening, horticulture and more).
  • Illinois Department of Agriculture’s Kids AG Page
    Site includes hidden word searches, word scrambles, info & audio bits on farm animals and their babies, MORE.
  • Junior Master Gardener Board Game
    Fun, interactive game based on the curriculum of the JMG program. To play, just click on any of the pictures on the game board.
  • Kid’s Money
    Site devoted to bringing parenting skills to bear on fostering responsible money management habits in children.
  • Kids’ Place
    Kids’ games and activities for math, reading, language arts, social studies, and more!
  • MooMilk
    A fun and educational website about cows and milk with facts, contests, games and recipes.
  • NatureWorks
    Curriculum enrichment site from New Hampshire Public Television which explores the ways living things interact with the environment.
  • PBS Kids
    PBS site with links to your favorite kid’s show.
  • Starfall
    Site where children have fun learning to read!
  • The Shiny Show
    Interactive site which offers games to help young children learn to concentrate.
  • USDA For Kids
    Educational site from USDA containing information on everything from the food pyramid to backyard conservation.
  • Water – Use It Wisely | Educational Tools and Link
    Interactive educational site (Water, Use It Wisely) which provides learning activities relating to water.
  • Who Wants To Be A Parliamentarian?
    A great interactive website on parliamentary procedure with an on line game called “Who Wants To Be A Parliamentarian?” Kids can play the game!

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