• American Boer Goat Association
    This San Angelo-based association provides information on breeds, membership, calendar of events, etc.
  • Animal Science
    Information on Health Management of Goats and Sheep
  • Breeds of Goats
    Oklahoma State University website providing information on the various breeds of goats.
  • Caseous Lymphadenitis
    Information from Colorado State University on this bacterial disease which forms absesses on subdermal lymph nodes.
  • Disbudding (dehorning) goat kids
    Information on disbudding (dehorning) goat kids. Discusses the timing, necessary materials, process, and provides photographic examples.
  • Enterotoxemia in Lambs/Goats
    This article by Nebraska Cooperative Extension discusses the causes, clinical signs, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention methods of this potentially fatal disease.
  • Facilities and Equipment for Commercial Meat Goat
    Article by Susan Schoenian, University of Maryland Cooperative Extension, discussing the facilities required for commercial meat goat production.
  • Floppy Kid Syndrome
    Clinical signs, diagnosis, and treatment of floppy kid syndrome.
  • Goat Gestation Table
    Table which shows the expected due date for each date of breeding.
  • Goat Hoof Trimming Procedure
    Hoof trimming procedure for goats. Illustrated.
    Learn to examine their own animals’ fecal samples to determine what, if any, parasites are present in the host.
    Discussion about mastitis as different meanings are applied to the same term.
  • Meat Goat Selection and Care
    Publication by Mississippi State University Cooperative Extension which provides information on selection, management, and marketing of meat goats.
  • Merck Veterinary Manual
    Reference for animal care information. Includes over 12,000 indexed topics and over 1200 illustrations. Rapidly search by topic, species, specialty, disease, and keyword using advanced search.
  • National Goat Handbook
    Wealth of information on goats: anatomy,reproduction, nutrition, health, management, etc.
  • Net Vet
    Information on husbandry, management, and health of small ruminants.
  • Pink Eye Treatment
    The signs and causes of pinkeye, a painful eye disease that is common in cattle, sheep, and goats are covered, as well as control and treatment procedures.
  • SheepAndGoat.com
    Articles organized according to general subject matter (breeding & genetics, feeding & nutrition, health & diseases, etc.)
  • Supplemental Winter Feeding of Goats
    Article by Frank & Bruce Pinkerton (Clemson University) discussing the nutritional needs of goats during winter.
  • Texas Sheep & Goat Raisers Association
    This San Angelo-based association provides industry news, legislative updates, market information, and much more for the sheep and goat industry.
  • The Boer & Meat Goat Information Center
    This site contains details on articles, breeders directories, topic searches, etc.

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