• Evaluating Pecan Problems
    Evaluating pecan deficiencies, diseases, or pest damage. 1995 Texas AgriLife Extension Service publication by George Ray McCeachern.
  • Home Fruit Production-Pecans
    Information on varieties, selection, spacing, planting, fertilization and other management. This publication is authored by John A. Lipe, Larry Stein, George Ray McEachern, John Begnaud and Sammy Helmers, Extension Horticulturists
  • Pecan Diseases And Their Control
    Publication from College of Agriculture and Home Economics New Mexico State University. The article addresses pecan diseases and their control
  • Pecan Kernel
    Information on integrated pest management, links, publications, associations, etc. for pecan growers in Texas.
  • Pecan Photo Index
    Pecan variety photo index from USDA ARS (Agricultural Research Service).
  • Texas Pecan Growers Association
    Texas Pecan Growers Association site provides information on buying & selling pecans, recipes, nutritional value, useful links and more.

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