Range Management

  • CalPhotos
    Berkely Educational site which features an image gallery of various browse plants.
  • Controlling Prickly Pear and Other Cacti
    Texas AgriLife Extension Service Natural Resources Server gives information on the approaches and equipment necessary to undertake cacti control on rangeland.
  • Edward’s Plateau Prescribed Burning Association
    Contains TDA’s Burn Plan, Fire Weather Forecast, and calendar of planned burns among other things.
  • Grazing Animal Nutrition Lab
    Texas A&M lab which serves livestock producers, managers, veterinarians, and ranch consultants. It can analyze animal fecal samples to help a reliable means of implementing a nutritional monitoring program.
  • Guide To Poisonous Plants
    Colorado State University site which allows you to find toxic plants by common or botanical name; also possibility of identification by poisoning symptoms in livestock.
  • How To Beat Mesquite
    Three step way to control mesquite that is easy, inexpensive, environmentally responsible, and effective using the Brush Busters methods developed by Dr. Allan McGinty, Texas AgriLife Extension Service Range Specialist
  • How To Master Cedar
    Brush Busters recommendation of three ways to control cedar ( Two herbicide treatments – leaf spray – soil spot spray; and top removal method
  • Keetch-Byrum Drought Index
    Index from Texas Forest Service which provides soil moisture index and attempts to measure the severity of drought for Texas.
  • Know Your Grasses
    Database by Texas AgriLife Extension Service which allows you to search images and information to help identify common range grasses.
  • National Pipeline Mapping System
    Site which contains locational information for a majority of the natural gas and hazardous liquid transmission pipelines in the U.S. This information is provided to identify the location of these pipelines when planning or implementing the development of
  • Pasture, Rangeland, Forage Rainfall Index
    Historical rainfall records and other data such as Premium and Indemnity Example Calculator associated with rangeland rainfall insurance.
  • Society For Range Management
    This site provides info on programs & services, publications, and links
  • Texas A&M Real Estate Center Research Library – Oil & Gas
    Library database that allows you to search for publications and articles regarding oil and gas leases.
  • Texas Department of Agriculture
    Information of pesticide applicator licensing and regulations
  • Texas Dept. Of Ag. Prescribed Burning Board Forms
    Contains TDA forms for Lead Certified Prescribed Burn Instructor, Certified Prescribed Burn Manager, Training Verification Form, Burn/Do Not Burn Checklist, and Prescribed Burn Plan.
  • Texas Section-Society For Range Management
    This site is a source of information for those interested in the health, maintenance, and heritage of the rangelands in Texas.
  • Toxic Plant Databse
    Texas AgriLife Extension Service site which makes available information on toxic plants by common name, scientific name, region, symptomology, and images.
  • Weed Identification Guide
    A series of questions which should provide you with the identity of your unknown sample or bring you to a narrow list of potential candidates

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