• Caring for Pecan Trees After Transplanting
    New Mexico State University publication which discusses care of pecan trees for the first 5 years following transplantation
  • Certified Arborists
    Search for certified arborists from your area who can appraise the value of your trees (for damage, loss, replacement, etc.).
    Texas AgriLife Extension Service site for resources regarding common insect pests on trees and landscape
  • Oak Wilt Information Partnership
    Oak Wilt Information Partnership website providing details regarding oak wilt spread and control.
  • Texas Plant Disease Handbook
    Site from Texas A&M University Department of Plant Pathology and Microbiology. It provides information on various plant diseases and control
  • Texas Tree Planting Guide
    Website created by the Texas Forest Service, that anyone can use for instructions on how to select, buy, plant and care for trees in residential yards across the state.
  • International Society of Arboriculture
    Professional Organization dedicated to continuing education arborists, to tree care research, and to serving tree care consumers around the world.
  • Tree Handbook
    Short handbook from the Native Plant Project which provides a few photos and descriptions of Texas trees.
  • Tree Hunting Guide
    Image gallery to help with tree identification.
  • Tree Identification-The National Arbor Day Foundation
    Site which assists in tree identification for eastern, central, and western U.S. trees.
  • University of Kentucky Entomology
    University of Kentucky Entomology site which discusses common insect pests and provides links for other valuable resource sites available through the Cooperative Extension System.

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