Beef Cattle

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  • Beef Cattle Implants
    Texas AgriLife Extension Service publication on implanting beef calves offers one of the hightest benefit to cost ratios of all the management practices available to cow/calf and stocker cattle producers. This publication offers advice on implant administratio
  • Block and Tub Supplements for Grazing Beef Cattle
    Publication discussing block supplements as a convenient mechanism for delivering supplemental nutrients
  • Break Even Costs for Cow/Calf Producers
    Texas AgriLife Extension Service publication on calculating Break-even costs of production can help cow/calf producers make better management decisions for the current year or for the near future. This publication explains how to figure break-even costs.
  • Expected Progeny Difference (EPD) in Beef Cattle
    Texas AgriLife Extension Service publication which discusses the role of genetic selection in producing beef cattle. It explains traits included in a genetic evaluation of producing stock, how to interpret EPD scores and how to use these scores in selection.
  • Forage Quality Photo Guide
    Photos and discussion of the relationship between forage quality and the physical appearance of feces of grazing cattle.
  • Handling Farm Animals Safely
    Publication from Agri-Food Canada which discusses facilities, equipment, and practices for safely handling farm animals.
  • Interpreting Grazing Behavior
    Livestock producers can use observations of grazing behavior to gauge the amount and quality of forage being consumed. This publication explains how animals eat, when & where they graze, and how forage availability and supplementation affect grazing.
  • Supplemental Strategies for Beef Cattle
    Supplemental nutrients account for a significant portion of production costs. The producer should know how a supplement affects daily forage intake. Supplementation strategies for different situations are given.
  • Using Body Condition Scores to Manage Range Cows & Rangeland
    This publication explains how beef cattle producers can use body condition scores to manage nutrition and improve reproductive performance of their herds and protect the range resources.

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