Pest Control

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  • Carpenter Ants
    This publication shows how homeowners can minimize damage from carpenter ants. It explains how to identify the ants, recognize their nest site preferences, and take proper preventive and control measures.
  • Controlling Fleas
    Fleas can be a problem for pets and their owners. This publication offers information about the flea life cycle, and tips on treating pets and homes effectively.
  • Controlling the Pecan Nut Casebearer
    Texas AgriLife Extension Service publication which describes this pest of pecans and its seasonal cycle, as well as offers advice on scouting, trapping, insecticide selection, and biological control.
  • Controlling the Pecan Weevil
    This Texas AgriLife Extension Service publication discusses the biology of this key pest and how to use integrated pest management practices for control.
  • Honey Bees In and Around Buildings
    Wasps are more often a problem around homes than honey bees, but bees do sometimes swarm or build nests near homes, or even in the walls of homes and other structures. This publication explains how to identify and manage foraging bees, swarms and colonies
  • How To Control Ants At Home
    This publication shows how homeowners can control ants. It explains how to keep ants away from your home, find their nest sites, and take safe control measures.
  • Mosquito Control Around the Home
    This brochure explains how to reduce mosquito problems by eliminating breeding sites for larvae, controlling adult mosquitoes, avoiding contact with mosquitoes and treating larval breeding sites. Long-term control is also discussed.
  • Ornamental and Lawn Pest Control (For Homeowners)
    Publication from Oklahoma State University which provides information for homeowners on the control of lawn, tree, shrub, and flower pests.
  • Tick Control
    Extension publication which discusses the various species of ticks, impact on livestock, pets, and humans, as well as control options.
  • White Grubs in Texas Turfgrass
    Publication from Texas AgriLife Extension Service providing details on grub biology, damage, and control options.

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